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Air Strumming is a rhythm guitar technique designed to make you become a better guitarist through simple but effective exercises.



Air Strumming is a rhythm guitar technique designed to make you become a better guitarist through simple but effective exercises.
It is a technique intended primarily for beginners because it is assumed that an experienced guitarist will already apply it naturally.

It is also called “ghost strumming”, but I preferred to coin the term Air Strumming for two reasons:

In order not to confuse it with ghost notes, i.e. musical notes that have a rhythmic value, but no perceptible tonality when played

Because they are precisely movements that the right hand must perform in the air, so the word Air fits perfectly

If you don’t know what strumming is, it is simply the act of playing all the strings simultaneously with the pick or the fingers of the right hand while the left hand performs the chord positions. In strumming the down-stroke and the up-stroke alternate.
Basically, when you see a guitarist playing the rhythm accompaniment of a song, he is strumming with his right hand.

Why then did I give my manual the name Air Strumming? Because with this technique, while playing, the right hand will have to perform, together with the usual strumming movements, air strumming movements: these will be movements that will not produce any sound because the hand will follow the rhythm without touching the strings: by doing this you’ll keep time and groove constant.

Keeping your right hand in constant strumming movement, regardless of the rhythmic pattern you are playing, is one of the most important elements of professional accompaniment.

Once you have mastered this technique it will seem so simple and obvious that you will tell yourself “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!”. However, in my long teaching experience I have found that this is precisely the problem that afflicts many newbies: they focus too much on the notes and chords that must be performed and lose sight of those intangible, “hidden” movements of the right hand that literally make the song walk and give it verve and life.
At the beginning, you are stiff and you are almost afraid of doing that empty movement, or you consider it useless…

However, it is precisely that “empty” movement that always and unfailingly finds you with the right accents of time and gives fluidity and groove to your playing!

If you observe a professional guitarist while playing a rhythmic part, you will see that he does not only make the movements necessary to play the chords, but accompanies with his right hand the rhythm of the song even when the pick does not touch the strings.

It is not just an aesthetic or stylistic difference: this way of playing literally makes the difference and gives those who apply it what we call “style”, “touch”, or simply makes us define it as “good” without being able to explain the reason why…

All students, especially at the beginning, can’t wait to start soloing to immediately look like guitar heroes and make a good impression on the listener. 

However, think about it, in each song the part reserved for solo enjoys a space of less than 20%: for at least 80% of the time you have to play rhythm parts, and it will be especially in this area that, if you play well, you can make the difference and have an impact both on the audience and your fellow musicians.

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  1. Jan Jonkers (verified owner)

    Very useful and clear rhythm book, finally I understood how to play rhythms in a correct and fluid way!

  2. Cristian Arredondo (verified owner)

    A really good piece of material. Highly recommended

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